the beginning of allergy stuff

i have a hand, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

This was James at 2ish months old. We had put Burts Bees baby lotion all over him...I mean all over...on his head, too (??)...and this was the result. Poor kid. We never found out what he reacted to but something obviously didn't agree with him.

So, mother, here is a new picture. I actually have a few new ones on my camera but the battery is charging as I type. It is snowing here today and I am so happy. I just thought last night how much I miss the fat white flakes and here they are! (I should watch the news or something...I guess this snow today was common knowledge.)

I have an even cuter picture of our scaley little buddy but I cannot find it. This trip down memory lane might be boring you to tears, if so, sorry. xoxo


  1. poor little icky James. We did still love him though, and even thought he looked like a cute little (rotten)tomato, remember???

  2. I remember those days... It sucked not know what was wrong with them.

  3. I love this photo. He's got the most fabulous "WTF?" look on his face!

    I totally forgot about his skin problems when he was little. Poor guy.


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