day 3

So. Here we are on day 3 of being inside with the children all day. Ruby is feeling it the most, lots of screeching out of her today. I see a nap in her near future...maybe a bath first.

I did take advantage of the warm car when Patrick got home last night and went out for a while again. I had a certain shirt from Lands' End on my mind and had to go get it. (in vivid plum as I am so wild, on sale for $14) After that I went to the bookstore and had just settled in with a pile of books & magazines and a tall decaf nonfat white mocha (see? wild.) when they came on the loudspeaker. "Barnes & Noble will be closing in 20 minutes due to the cold weather." waaaaaah.

I stayed until the bitter end, frantically paging through US, and came on home. I told Patrick my sad story and he asked if I wanted to go back tonight. He's so sweet. I was really fine with it, aside from not getting to look at those books, as it was 9:30 when I got home and I was quite happy to crawl in bed with my own library book.

I do have a last minute call in to our babysitter on the off chance that she is free this afternoon (she's not in school, after all) but am not counting on it. I'm having a pretty good day so far, but sense that we are teetering on the edge of some fantastic theatrics out of our youngest. I have been sewing, ignoring my children and reading in bed, and just brewed my first cup of coffee. Oh, and I made some toaster waffles. I sat down with them at the table (the kids had just eaten) and James looked at me quite curiously.

J: Where did you make those waffles?
S: In the toaster.
J: Are you kidding me??
S: No, dear. They are called toaster waffles.
J: stunned silence.

There aren't too many safe frozen waffles out there for him and when I bought them when he was much younger he didn't really like them. I just bought some healthy ones for me and did get some Van's Frozen Waffles for him to try but he didn't want them today. (not a huge fan of waffles, that crazy boy)

I could probably keep going on and on but I won't.

You're welcome.

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  1. You know the weather is bad when Barnes & Noble closes...wimps!


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