he did it again

"Thunderbirds and Corvettes have always been fierce competitors since the Thunderbirds introduction as a two seater in 1955. Thunderbird had a V8 and side windows compared to Corvettes 6 Cylinder and side curtains and out sold Corvettes about three to one. In 1957 Ford decided to add some 'thunder' to its Thunderbird in order to continue to out pace its number one rival, the Corvette.

I've recently embarked on my project for this winter. It is the restoration of what's always been considered the Holy Grail of Thunderbirds, a 1957 Factory Supercharged Thunderbird affectionately known as an "F" Bird
for the "F" in its vehicle identification number which designates its high performance supercharged 312 CID engine."

That is a little excerpt from my dad's website, introducing the renovation story (now complete) for his Thunderbird "F" Bird. Now, he said he wasn't going back to Barrett this year but obviously changed his mind, not alerting me, his eldest daughter, until a couple of weeks ago. WAAAAAAAAH.

If you weren't around last year, here is where I went on and on about how much fun we had at Barrett. Next year will be another big year, and we're hoping to go, so I suppose I can survive missing this one. At least the Speed Channel won't let me down...if you'd like, the F Bird will be going up on the block at around 4:00pm this coming Saturday, January 17th. Here is its' page on the Barrett site.

Rock on, Dad. xoxoxo


  1. Can I just say your Dad ROCKS!!! My husband is a Barrett FREAK and has now successfully turned his son into one, too. James will hold up a matchbox car and say "How much for this one? $50 dollars? SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!!"

  2. Oh, and the url link to your Dad's site isn't working??

  3. Your dad is so totally cool. I'm not much of a car girl but I'll be watching just for the excitement for your family. Best of luck to him!!

  4. So cool! I was wondering if he'd have anything there this year.

    I'm passing this on to my dad - it'll give him something fun to look for while he's watching the auction!

  5. heehee, thanks for sharing the excitement with me! I fixed the link to his site, Allison. :)

  6. Good Luck!!! I hope it sells for TONS of money... is that wrong to say??? You gotta put photos up.


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