Well, here we are beginning another week. I'm happy as I don't have much planned this week and that feels good after a busy one like last one. I am getting together with a friend tomorrow to talk about our kids' peanut allergies & school next year. (Wendy's daughter Megan, who goes to preschool with James, has a peanut allergy, too.) We're going to make a list of questions we have and then go together to meet with someone at the school. Good idea, huh? It was hers.

Speaking of allergies...we had dinner at Hubbard Ave. last night after church. We made sure James' meal was safe for him but when my food came he wanted a piece of the plain french bread. I told him sure as I was almost certain it was safe (we had checked on it a long time ago and if it did happen to have a minute amount of milk or egg I wasn't worried about it.) He furrowed his brow and said he'd wait. A minute later he flagged our waitress down and asked if the bread had any milk, egg or peanut in it. She said she'd check and came back in a minute to tell him it did not. He thanked her, smiled at me, and said he'd eat it now. I was so proud of him. It was a good reminder for me that I need to always be as careful as I should be. He is really paying attention and developing his own excellent habits that I don't want to screw up. my little buddy. xoxo

The first couple of photos are from dinner last night and then there is a shot of James' new shoes. There is a whole story behind them but I'll condense it to this: we were so happy to find him some! He loves them. The last shot is something I'm working on that is really fun...sewing on card stock! I've always wanted to try this although I couldn't really tell you why...I guess I think it looks cool. (I'd show you but they are valentines.)

Ruby and I hit the thrift stores this morning as I didn't go all weekend. (I know...can you believe it?) She was creepy at the first one but really good at the dig. I didn't get much there but we did see our buddies. :) Now it's (past) lunch time and then we're going to work on valentine's stuff some more. Have a good afternoon! Maybe later I'll tell you about The Wrestler and how freaking depressing it is!! (but good.) (but really depressing) (unless you're patrick and have no emotions) xoxo


  1. Don't you just love it when your kids start to advocate for themselves? It means we are doing our job as parents. It also means that they are growing up. James will be fine in K, but it's good to ask questions before hand. Do they have a peanut free table in the cafeteria? Ian's school does and only kids with peanut free lunches can sit there. So buddies without allergies can sit and eat with their friends who have allergies.

  2. just as I was digging feverishly through my last box, I pulled out a killer women's Northface parka! It felt like a jackpot. James is awesome, and so mature!


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