i wish all my cookie sheets were red

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  1. Tell me you're kidding. That's it??? A picture of a cookie sheet I've already seen.
    You are going to baby-jail...Rubles will take you there in her truck.

    Grudgingly, your mother

  2. Where'd you get that cool cookie sheet?

  3. More importantly, whatcha makin?! Looks yummy. Love the cookie sheet. I hope Rubles truck has 4WD to get you to baby jail. hehe

  4. Isn't my mom a peach?? See what I've dealt with my whooooooole life?? :)

    The cookie sheet was a clearance deal from Williams Sonoma after Christmas. It's part of their kids baking line. I <3 it.

    These are some banana chocolate nut muffins, Susan, from last Friday. :)


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