i'd like to introduce you to my new shelf

This spot makes me so happy. I love having lots of books to look at and that big pile of fabric just might be the makings of the first project of 2009. (a girly patchwork shower curtain)

Here is my new shelf. This thing was filthy but I could tell it had good bones and the asking price of $10 sold me. It was so hard to carry in because I didn't really want to touch it but it was way too cold to clean up out in the garage so I somehow found the inner strength I needed to drag it in the kitchen. I love it. I also think it's strange and adorable and will be wonderful for my new mound of homeless fabric. I can see using it some day for art supplies, too. And painting it! Oh, the fun this shelf & I will have.
Today is Tuesday, the second day in a row that James hasn't complained about going to school. I must make a note of this. For other reasons, I was so proud of him this morning. A new girl started yesterday, Courtney, and we talked a little bit about being the new kid last night, and why she might have been crying yesterday. (sniffle.) Today James went up to her right away, introduced me to her, and started playing trains with her. my little buddy.

Let's see. How about a cute Ruby story now? This morning she asked for some sausage and coffee for breakfast and said she'd leave in her truck if I didn't give it to her. (she's still here, no coffee yet) Ruby's truck is a huge part of our lives now. Some kids have imaginary friends, Ruby's got her truck. We're not sure what kind it is but it has absolutely everything she ever needs so it must be huge. Out of yogurt? There's some in her truck. No clean robot shirts? There's a whole stack of them in the truck...she'll get them later. Mad at mom/dad/James? She's leaving in her truck. OR, if she's really mad she might chuck you in the back of her truck and drop you off at the dump. Not feeling well? She'll be happy to bring you to the doctor, just let her find her keys.

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  1. Tell Ruby I want a ride in her truck! She's so cte.

  2. Cool shelf, sweet James and trucker Ruby - sounds like a good start to 2009. :)

  3. Your children have the best stories!! I Love the truck!!! That is great!!!
    And what a sweetie James is.

    And the shelf is awesome! You have the best finds!!

  4. I love the shelf!!!! It is cool.

    I am with Heidi I wanta ride in Ruby's truck!

  5. trucker ruby is down with the ride idea. call her.


  6. ‘Cause I’m a country girl, I’ve got a 4-wheel drive
    Climb in my truck, I’ll take you for a ride
    Up city streets, down country roads
    I can get you where you need to go
    ’cause I’m a country girl'

  7. They are so cute!! I am laughing and tearing up at the same time. I love them!


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