james, 2:15am

He got puked on again last night. (well, luckily it was just on his jammies again)

Why does she keep barfing A) in our bed and B) on nights when they both happen to be in there?

and C) how did she get in there, anyways?

Patrick must have brought her but I had no idea until I woke up with her retching beside me.
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  1. That's what you guys get for having that nice, big, comfy bed. Why she vomits so often is anybody's guess.......but yuk.
    Hey, I just remembered when Daddy had just put new purple shag carpet in your room when you were about two and you threw up vegetable soup over the side of your crib. I can honestly still remember picking through the shag for those veggies.
    With empathy,

  2. Awww, sorry the pukes are happening. That's not the sound (or anything else) I'd want to wake up to!


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