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James got so hot yesterday while we were working out that he had to strip down. I actually took this picture after we had finished the phase 2 workout (first time I did phase 2...liked it a lot and there are good modifications for the killer plank stuff) and I had collapsed onto the sofa. He started phase 3 by himself but quit shortly after this. :)

Right now I'm trying to decide whether I should get out of my cozy flannel lounge pants, pack the kids up, drop them off with Patrick, and go get groceries. Okay, just decided. Even typing all of that out made me tired so I guess the groceries can wait one more day. Tonight will be pancakes & bacon for supper! I did buy a nice roast last night but am not cooking another expensive cut of meat without a good thermometer. Must get one tomorrow.

I have had a list of good things thumping around in my head the last day or so. I want to get them out because...well, because it makes them even better.

*making valentines
*James hasn't complained about school much at all for the last couple weeks
*spending last saturday with patrick. we really had a wonderful day and loved having Kelsey come at 2:30 in the afternoon...we actually got to be out together when we weren't dead tired. awesome.
*my dear cousin Sarah is coming valentine's weekend
*having creamer again this morning after not having it for 2 days
*lots of good magazines from the library and the new John Grisham book (might start tonight)
*patrick moving his gaming computer up to our bedroom. I've missed him and this is so much better.
*starting to think about & fill in fun weekend stuff for the upcoming months. want to see friends & family, gas is cheap so now is a good time. (mom, please paint your living room so you can be added to the list.) (I know that sounds harsh but there is a back story here, trust me) ;)
*pancakes & bacon for dinner!

What's on your good stuff list this week?? I'd love to hear.

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