happy tuesday to you

I'm not sure why I bother with these self portraits, especially in January.
I can never smile without looking dumb and if I try to look serious I look like a dimwit.
But, I continue to try because it seems like something one must do if one has a blog.

Do you have an ugly month? January is mine. I always feel pretty blah in January.

(this is not a plea for you to say, "Oh you look great!" or "I love your self portraits!") ;)

Anyways. Things are pretty good today, aside from the cccccold weather.

Patrick and I were creepy to each other all day on Sunday but things are a lot warmer on that front.

(haha, a little weather related humor for you.)

Ruby puked all over our bed last night but she doesn't have the flu or anything. (thank God.)
(I think she choked on some phlegm.) (sorry, I know that's tmi.)

James happily went to school today. I let him stay home yesterday, just because. He has the sniffles but nothing warranting a day at home. That made it a little more fun. I still think 4 days a week is a lot for him so I like to give him a break once in a while. What am I going to do when it's 5 days next year?? ugh.

We had a really nice afternoon at Susan's yesterday, complete with some baked ravioli munchie that was so good it left me dreaming about it later on.

James & I did yoga yesterday morning, a neck & shoulders routine, because my shoulder was all out of whack from sleeping on it wrong. It helped. He always crawls under my downward dog. little rat.

I was supposed to have a dentist appt at 8:15 this morning. I woke up at 8:30.
(see middle of the night puking above) oops.

We watched Iron Man on Saturday night. OMgosh....I LOVED that movie. so good.

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  1. Laugh! I think self-portraits when I'm laughing are the most honest and least cringe-inducing ones.

    Sorry about the pukage.

  2. February is my month. By then I am sick of winter, dry skin, and wearing socks! I think people get kind of mean in Feb. It's like enough is enough already.

    p.s. When can I come over for some of the food you are serving. It's making me hungry.

  3. Well, I'd have to say March is the worst one. My hair and skin just can't take anymore by then, but spring is just still so far away.

    I'm also sorry about the puke. Poor everyone!

  4. I have to say that ... well .... most of winter is my month;) I am glad that Ruby is ok.


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