Looks cute, right? (not talking about the toy strewn living room)

Oh no, mother.I said NOOOOOOOO!
Okay, that's better.
James next to the birthday boy!

These pictures pretty much sum up our day. Getting ready for the party (combing ruby's hair is not something I look forward to) and going to the party. It was lots of fun and we all came home tired out. It's been so nice to see our friends again this week after being like shut-ins for most of last. (the margaritas last night were awesome!)

Time to think about dinner. xoxo


  1. Oh my goodness, what a face!! The pony looked really cute Stephanie. :)
    Looks like a happy bunch of birthday party-ing boys.

  2. I have had this exact experience with Grace - that's why her hair is now SHORT! :O)

  3. She looks way older with her hair up. Maybe she just wants to stay a kid longer;)

  4. I have a feeling we are heading that way, Kathy. :)

    Zoe...I know. I do just like to see her face sometimes, though. Without all that HAIR. :)

    And thanks, Susan. We missed you guys at the party.

  5. I do love how she is screaming and you are snapping away with the camera! :O) I'm sure that will result in a louder, longer scream from Grace, but I am determined to capture some of these memories!


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