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I don't have any fresh pictures today so I looked back about 5 years and found this one. James was about 3 weeks old and this pretty much shows how I spent my time. Note My Brest Friend (beats the boppy breasts down, in my opinion) (har!) & The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding for some light reading. Oh yeah, and the face mask in the background...the flu was bad that year. Now that I think about it, he still likes to curl up almost just like that on my shoulder.

Anyway. I'm feeling kind of lousy but kind of okay. Just not great, not myself. I have a cold (again) which is on the way out but not before it gives me one more kick in the arse. I was super crabby earlier but these couple hours of relative quiet with Ruby have been really nice. I got the house all in order which usually helps my mind set, too.

Oh! I almost forgot...we get our new garbage can today. woot!



  1. And you're watching Food TV!

    Jasper just poked his head over my shoulder and asked who the baby was. I told him and he said "James was such a cute baby, wasn't he?" :)

  2. Awww, so sweet. Where do the years go?

  3. Thank you again for all the help yesterday.... I love it!

  4. HELLO..........

    we need a new update, I've seen this pic of James already, three days is enough.
    Sweetly, Your mother


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