super shocking

James coming after me in his "Super Shocker"...

sweet, no? I only lived to tell because he couldn't fit up the stairs.

After all that, I still let him make cookies with me. ugh. Too much raw dough for this mama. (one of the drawbacks to cooking without eggs...the ability to eat all the dough you can hold!)

Thanks for the commiseration on the ugly month yesterday. I can't say I'm happy anyone else has one but it's good to know I'm not alone. And Vicki, thanks for the self portrait tip. I took some of me laughing hysterically yesterday, though, and they are kind of frightening. Maybe just a subtle laugh is more what you meant? :)
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  1. I don't think you are in the the midst of an ugly month, though I understand the blahs.

    I'm smack dab in the awkward-short-hair-trying-to-grow-out blahs.

    What WAS that thing James had? Did he make it? I haven't seen those.

  2. I LOVE the shocker! I'll have to make sure not to let Jasper see as it'll give him... ideas.

    And, yes, a subtle laugh is key. Think somewhere between person-running-job-interview-made-lame-joke and "It's not Top Scallops". You get the happy, crinkly eyes (which I love) without the gaping mouth. If that makes any sense at all!

    (I wanted to add that I think you look lovely. January suits you.)

  3. The shocker is so SCARY! That looks like a great toy . . too bad Willah would eat it. I need a new picture for my facebook page and always hate every picture of me. Maybe we should have a little photo shoot to get some nice shots for our web identifications . . .

  4. thanks holly & vicki. :) xoxo

    I love the photo shoot idea, heidi!


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