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Today I have grand plans to catch up on my emails & phone calls, let the kids loose with paint (shudder), feed my family stir fried tempeh tonight (on the sly), exercise, read The Friday Night Knitting Club a little more, continue drilling through our enormous pile of laundry, possibly make oatmeal cookies, potentially play around with making my first hot pad, and watch Top Chef tonight. I am excited to see what will actually happen. Can you feel the excitement? It's rolling off of me in waves.

Okay, there isn't much excitement, but I'm trying.


R: (coming upstairs last night where I am putting away laundry) I want a cracker.
S: (sweetly) Go ask your Dad to get off of his bum and get you one. (he was 5 feet from crackers)
R: (dramatically bursts into tears)
S: (sighing) What is wrong, Ruby?
R: (shrieking) I don't want a cracker from daddy's bum!!!!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA ... I wouldn't want a cracker from Patrick's bum either!!

  2. I've had them...they're not that bad.

    hahahhahahha. barf.

  3. Words like possibly and potentially make me happy, it's how I roll--I like loosely scripted plans.

    Funny conv. with R.! Yeah, I'm with her.

  4. I am with Ruby on that one! (I am sure that his bum is clean and all... but ...ug)


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