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I decided to just hang in there on Friday and keep us home. The day passed by pretty well...I was just so BORED at the end of it. Or maybe lonely? I don't know what it was but I was super happy to see Patrick at 6:30.

Saturday was one of those happy/lazy days that I like to have every 3 months or so. I got up with the kids at 8 and when Patrick got up at 9 I went immediately back to sleep. He woke me up at noon with a fried egg sandwich and coffee. (a little bit of heaven, I tell ya.) I proceeded to read my book for the rest of the afternoon while everyone else napped and then we all went out for a rather slippery walk at 5pm. We got home at 6, had dinner, put the kids to bed, watched a good few hours of HGTV (I was seriously craving some TV time and there was finally something good on), I played some SCRAMBLE on Facebook, he battled strange elfin wizards or something down in the basement, I finished my book and we went to bed. Loved it.

I woke up today wanting to get stuff done. Meaningful stuff like taking down the Christmas decorations and going to Target. Ruby was itching to get out of the house so I took her with me. She was in such a sweet mood and we had a really nice lunch together at Target (we split a mini pizza). After Target she requested a trip to the dig* and who am I to deny someone that? I scored a sweet storage shelf and she found a washer/dryer combo that she's had her eye on for a while. We made the trek back home to unload and pick the boys up for church. Patrick was needed at work this evening so he ended up driving separately and should be getting home soon. Update: Patrick just called (he's leaving) and told me that he was needed tonight because his co-worker ate some bad chinese food and couldn't finish his work for their demo tomorrow. NOTE TO SELF: blame being unable to finish work on bad chinese food, suggest patrick comes home early to finish for me hehehehehhehehehe.

((((You know what I hate? When I finish washing my hands, dry them off and then accidentally squirt them with soap again instead of lotion. I HATE THAT!!!!! Do you ever do that?))))

I also hate how I never really blog a lot about big events. It's so hard to catch up for me...to write about something that has happened even a week ago. Take Christmas for example...tons of memories and funny things I want to remember but I've forgotten most of them already. sigh. In a nutshell, we had a wonderful time. I just love my family and love hanging out with them. Okay, here I go I guess... I love when I ask my sister for some lotion as she's pulling it out of her purse to use it herself, I even love when my sister and I are bitchy to each other for a few minutes because then we can laugh about it later. I don't love that I didn't shower all day on Christmas until we went to see Benjamin-one-long-freaking-Button that night. (that was pretty ghetto....sorry, fam.) I love watching my brother play Guitar Hero and I love watching him with my kids. I loved taking a nap on Christmas day. I love how Erin is so sweet to my kids but really doesn't take any crap from them. I love how her & Thomas want to have us all over for Easter again. I love how my parents stayed home (ALONE TOGETHER) to watch my kids while all of their kids went out for a movie. I love how my mom makes the best cookies in the world and how I now have 3lbs of them sitting on my waistline. (I don't really love that last part.) I love how she cried when she got the Garmin that Thomas & Erin & Annie & Ronan gave her. I love how she got lost using it a couple days later. (HAHAHAHAHA) I love how she is so sweet to me and gets such a kick out of cleaning my house. I love watching my husband play pool and how he shot me in the bum with James' new nerf gun when I dared to cross him. I love listening to my brother tell stories and watching my sister dance. I love how we all make each other laugh. I love talking poop with Annie & Ronan and how Ronan stopped eating the buttery lime cookies so Thomas & Erin could have some. I love how my Dad & Patrick joke around with each other and how sweet he is with our kids. I love that he tried the skateboard and how he left a little note on the table before leaving at the butt crack on the 26th. I love how James & Ruby love all of these people as much as I do.

I am forgetting a thousand funny things but feel pretty good that I got all that down. Maybe I'll get some more pictures up tomorrow. xoxoxo

*I've decided to call dig & save THE DIG from now on, fyi. (I might forget I decided this by next week, fyi.)


  1. I love all the stories! Thank you.

  2. You got to sleep until noon?!!! Lucky duck!!!

  3. cute blog, but more importantly . . . you got the retro washer and dryer from D&S?? Sweet!


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