wednesday, 3:24pm

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Here's a summery picture that made me happy when I just came across it. I love that kid.

I am kind of emotional today. Patrick and I had a really good talk last night and I just feel really close to him again. You know how that is? How everything can be fine but you just haven't really connected for a while? It feels good to be connected again.

(bow chicka bow bow)


Anyway. We had some friends over this afternoon and now Rubes is napping and James is playing in his room so I have a little time to chill. I think I might actually take a short nap. I'm tired after all that (cough) talking (cough) we did last night.

Again - JUST KIDDING. I would never. (talk about that here)

I'm meeting some friends for some dinner and margaritas tonight which is sounding petty darn good. And once again, I am boring myself to tears. xoxoxo


  1. I know just what you mean about those connecting conversations -

    I had forgotten.


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