back in the saddle

Thank God I am feeling quite myself again today. Wendy & I had our meeting at the school this morning and it went fairly well, I think. A good start, for sure. I know there will be more meetings in the future (our school is not peanut free and has never (?!) dealt with a student who had contact reactions) but I am hopeful that the final result will be sending James to a kindergarten class that I feel safe with every day.

After preschool we met our friends at this awesome indoor playground ( was mcdonalds) and had a nice couple of hours sitting in the sunshine and chatting. Hooray for friends! Hooray for free refills of diet coke! Long live kid sized gerbil tunnels!

I now have a STY of a house to deal with and also have to pack up some crafty stuff to bring to Kari's tomorrow, where we are spending the day. And possibly sleeping over. (kidding, Kari) (did I just make you choke a little?)

So, anyways. I bet stopping by here this week felt kind of like walking into a dark, humid basement. Sorry about that. And thank you for all the kind words...they really really meant a lot to me. Especially the ones from my mother.


p.s. The title/picture/actual post are in no way related.


  1. Wow, I had no idea what you are up against (so to speak) at James' school. But look at it this way - you have the opportunity to help create their policies! That's gotta count for something, right?


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