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Here are some of the key word searches that have led people to my blog, mainly from google. As you can see, the NUMBER ONE reason people find me (this way) is because I titled a post with a silly little saying a long time ago. Who knew it was so popular and sought after? Not me. This list is from the past 7 days but this is not's been like this ever since. P.S. to that person looking for a comeback to "nice bum, where ya from?" It's "nice ass, are you from mass?" ;) I also highlighted the holiday hookers perv search. That one gets much higher around the holidays.

nice bum where ya from
drill down34.00%microfiber swiffer
drill down22.67%milk free muffin
drill down22.67%jelly roll quilt tutorial
drill down22.67%egg free sugar cookies
drill down22.67%eg
drill down22.67%egg and milk free cookies
drill down22.67%holiday hookers
drill down22.67%wewerebuilttolast
drill down22.67%nice bum, where ya from?
drill down11.33%egg-free sugar cookies
drill down11.33%barbie's bobbin' bow wows dalmatian
drill down11.33%milk free egg free cookies
drill down11.33%milk free chocolate chips
drill down11.33%milk-free egg-cookie recipes
drill down11.33%green swiffer
drill down11.33%egg free cookies earth balance
drill down11.33%egg free choc chip cookies
drill down11.33%hot pads for oven rack
drill down11.33%how to make eggless cookies with milk instead of egg
drill down11.33%milk and egg free sugar cookies
drill down11.33%what is in swiffer solutions
drill down11.33%are swiffers green
drill down11.33%tutorial jelly roll
drill down11.33%egg free cut out sugar cookies
drill down11.33%how to refill swiffer bottle
drill down11.33%dairy and egg free sugar cookies
drill down11.33%nice bum where ya from funny things to say
drill down11.33%jelly pad
drill down11.33%egg and milk free muffins
drill down11.33%how to make a reversible dress
drill down11.33%built to last blog
drill down11.33%dan zanes concert
drill down11.33%linda bumbelina
drill down11.33%egg free milk free muffin recipe
drill down11.33%milk free muffins
drill down11.33%egg free cut out cookies
drill down11.33%egg free applesauce muffin recipes
drill down11.33%messyfun
drill down11.33%nice bum, where ya from!?
drill down11.33%sew reversible dress
drill down11.33%how to make reversible dress
drill down11.33%make reversible dress
drill down11.33%pretzel turtles
drill down11.33%how to cut jelly roll strips
drill down11.33%milk egg free sugar cookies
drill down11.33%comebacks for nice bum where ya from
drill down11.33%ryhme - nice bum where ya from?
drill down11.33%swiffer microfibre
drill down11.33%comebacks to nice bum where ya from
drill down11.33%nice bum ,where ya from
drill down11.33%milk and egg free chocolate chip cookies


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