Don't worry, I'm not quite as chirpy as I was yesterday. I'm chill today...enjoying this morning with James at school and the relative quiet in the house. I've been reading blogs for the last half hour while ruby is coloring on the floor (on paper on the floor) next to me. happy sigh.

I wanted to write up our menu for the next couple of weeks. It's nothing spectacular but looks pretty good to me. Remember, everything is dairy & egg free. (I did make some egg muffins for Patrick to take to work in the morning and he loves them. Recipe from here, modified slightly.) I love when I do this (makes my life easier at dinnertime) but will sometimes go a couple months planning only week by week because I don't make the time to do it.

BLTs with avocado & tomato soup
Susan's 5 hour beef stew (last night...was so good)
Chicken Enchiladas (use soy sour cream and omit cheese...these are sooooooo good with brown rice on the side)
Pulled pork sandwiches & french fries
Black Bean soup with chicken (use one can of refried black beans and skip the blending step)
Homemade pizza (going to try this crust recipe) (we just leave the cheese off of James' pizza and add extra of other stuff)
Vicki's meatballs with brown rice & gravy
spaghetti with my dad's sauce
meatball soup (with leftover meatballs...recipe from Kari...need to get)
lemon waffles & bacon
cranberry mustard pork loin & mashed potatoes (in the crock pot)
tacos using soy crumbles (I almost got busted here when Patrick was reading my list...he's all, "what is soy crumb?") hahahaha. (I lied.)
hamburger rice with veggies (simple recipe but really good)
Slow cooker chicken soup

I have bread & veggies for lots of these meals but don't plan that out ahead of time. I like the Alexia frozen whole wheat rolls and lots of times will just serve raw veggies because then James can help me clean and cut them and they both like them better. (cukes, cherry tomatoes, pea pods, carrots)

I figured out the menu and grocery list on Saturday and actually did the next 2 weeks, too, because I had all my recipes out. The groceries for these meals plus our lunch & breakfast staples were about $240.00. I'm sure I'll buy milk & fruit next week but think we'll stay under $260 for these 2 weeks. That's good considering I got stuff for Patrick to bring a lunch every day. Oh, I need chocolate chips, too. :) Some month I just want to bite the bullet and buy all organic meat and see how much more I spend. Maybe next month. I was doing that for a while, a long time ago. This is so me. I can start so many good habits but very few of them stay in place. At least I keep coming back to them, right? :)

It's fun to share this and I'd love to hear/see any of your menus. Some of my favorite recipes have come from my friends. xoxo


  1. ok, i just left this exact message, but it disappeared?????

    as i already said...."good job, bob. I want to et at your house :)
    I love you honey, you really are the best.
    xoxo, mama

  2. EAT at your house....sigh

  3. aw, thanks mom. xoxo

    (p.s. I know you're just trying to butter me up so I'll come home even though you're not done painting.)

  4. Believe me, you don't want to know what we eat. It's the same thing over and over and over and over and over. I'd much rather live vicariously through you.

  5. hello - randomly stopping through. i find it amazing you can meal plan two weeks at a time! it definitely saves you money in the long run though. i'm just getting started but looking forward to seeing more of your ideas!

  6. hi jill! thanks for stopping by. :)

    vicki...your day will come. ;)


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