good things

  1. let's start with the's thursday!
  2. it's raining and gloomy BUT we are safely tucked at home with a new exercise DVD to try and a pan of rice krispy bars (it's all about balance over here)
  3. get to watch Lost with my husband tonight
  4. dinner is made and in the fridge (black bean soup)
  5. hopefully getting a sitter sometime this weekend
  6. patrick sweetly listening to me whine last night
  7. feeling better after said whining
  8. feeling even better after coffee with friends this morning
  9. did I mention it's raining? that's kind of a cool change of pace. (until it freezes)
  10. thinking about spring: clothesline, morning coffee outside, setting up the poor man's patio, parks
I think I'm going to sew for a little bit while the kids are in their rooms. And, for an extra special treat, make a fresh cup of coffee. xoxo


  1. it's raining here too, and feels so refreshing to watch the snow drifts shrink away. i think it's supposed to snow in the morning though! thank you for making me absolutely crave rice krispie bars. i've got the marshmallows and no cereal!

  2. Thursday is Friday Eve!

  3. sorry about that, jill. :)

    excellent, kathy! I'm going to have to remember that.

  4. #3 makes me think -- I save the entire season and then watch it in one fell swoop! So I've been careful not to read anything about it!


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