warning: this post might make you sick (it even makes me a little sick)

I am sickeningly ahead of the game as of now, 2:26pm on Monday. I'm guessing I will keep this lead until about 3pm tomorrow. :) This is my week to be on top of things (it's cyclical for me) and it feels particularly good after the slow torture of last week.

We did have a really nice time at Kari's on Friday. We just talked and had some really good soup while the kids played. I got a little bit done on one of my projects that I hope to finish this afternoon.

The rest of the weekend was just what I needed. Patrick took James out for the day on Saturday and I sat in front of the TV and folded laundry while Ruby slept. And then I sat in front of the TV while Ruby played. And then we sat in front of the TV and had macaroni & cheese. And then we went out and shoveled. Very nice. On Sunday I met my friends for a yummy breakfast and lots (dare I say too much?) of coffee and then went and got lots of groceries. I came home all fired up to cook and did some prep work for the week including making pumpkin apple oat muffins, egg muffins for Patrick, washing and chopping vegetables and baking some chicken. whew. See what I mean? Sometimes (very rarely) I amaze myself. Why can't I be superwoman every day? Oh yeah, because it's freaking exhausting and hard to maintain past 2 or 3 days. (for me, anyways.)


I put James to work this morning, first unloading the dishwasher, and then making our lunch. If I was on the ball more often I think our mornings would go smoother. The kid loves to help...I should take advantage of that daily.

(I interrupt here to say how much I hate getting ready to bring James to preschool most mornings. The kids are like wild animals and I almost always compose posts in my head saying how sick they make me. It's over by the time I come home with Ruby, though, so it never makes it this far.)

Anyways, here are a few pics from our morning. We had fun...it felt good to run around and throw stuff.

Ruby is up from her nap now so I better go get her. I did a pilates workout on a stability ball for the first time earlier and found it BORING. It does feel good to roll around on that ball but the DVD I had was soooooo S L O W moving. We are going to do something a bit peppier now. Because dinner is already IN THE OVEN. I know, I'll stop. Please remind me of this next week when I am whining about something not going my way.

(I might come back later and post my 2 week menu plan unless it would make you all just barf.) xoxo


  1. Did you have Keva all to yourself?! Looks like a fun time.
    Please post those menus - I need some inspiration.
    I thought I was the only that wanted to kill my kids during the "getting ready for school" time!! Glad to know it's normal.

  2. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today. Please post your two week menu. I need some inspiration. Oh, and I love the bunny psot. My favroite children's story from all time (well, other than Night Kitchen, MAYBE) is the Velveteen Rabbit. I dare say that bunny is REAL.

  3. susan...yeah, keva was pretty empty but we did have to share it with a few other kids.

    allison...would you believe I've never read the Velveteen Rabbit? I think I should. xoxo

  4. Hey Steph,
    I really like Core Secrets for doing stuff on the ball..in fact, I should inflate that ball this weekend and get cracking. Your blog is motivating me to get exercising...


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