list of random brain goodies

on my mind:

  • The new Sequoya library. It's not that new anymore but I had never been there until last weekend. I loved it! Really nice atmosphere with lots of new books on the shelf, quiet places to sit, self checkouts (lots of them), and a cool kids area. I'm sure we'll go back there.
  • my eye makeup remover pads are giving me pimples around my eyes. I think I'd rather have smeared mascara.
  • I haven't exercised since last Sunday. Patrick is out of town so I am being lazy. But it's making me sad so I am back at it tomorrow. pinky swear.
  • I love Sober House on vh1. I love Rodney King, Seth...all of them. This show makes me so sad and makes me want to help people. To listen to people?? Maybe might kill me, though. I just want to cuddle them.
  • I am so happy my bunny will be home tomorrow. I really missed him this week. We did have a good week, though, even short a player. James is such a doll when he's not acting all silly and in my face. I'm not so good with the silly...especially in the morning. I did push them around on the bed a little this week, as requested, but am not as good at tossing them around as their dad is. Tomorrow night should be wild. They're gonna attack that man.
  • Things Ruby says that she will stop saying soon and I don't want to forget: wis one & wat one, everything being in her truck (she has a house now, too), got-for instead of forgot (like: I gotfor to get that book!), she'll ask me to tell her a story from my mouth at bedtime (and the stories always have to start like this: once upon a time there was a tiny little girl named ruby who had a tiny little neighbor named brennan OR a tiny little friend named Arjay...and we go on from there. the pair of them normally goes into the woods and sees nice or scary ghosts and ruby usually carries a backpack with a sloth & snacks in it. but this does change, per her requests. she asked patrick for a scary crocodile story last week and got REALLY mad when the croc was kind. she's different.)
  • as mentioned, I am excited to hang with my cuz this wknd AND excited to see Melissa in EC next month and then my family in Duluth. fun stuff!
Okay. Really, what am I doing up? I want to read for a few so I need to sign off of this and facebook NOW. xoxo


  1. You should try and read her the magic tree house books. (they are not to scary)

  2. Yeah, we call Facebook "Crackbook", LOL

    My own James has been crazy with the sillies as well--I have really found myself having to bite my tongue and pick my battles!


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