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I spent way too much time online yesterday so today I limiting myself. After this little update I'm going to shut her down and get some more stuff done around here. I did get a lot done during the day, I guess, (cleaning in the basement, laundry) but stayed up late last night on facebook. Anyways, for the grandma, here are some recent pics. James, brushing his teeth this morning. He likes to stand on the toilet to sing, dance and talk to himself in the mirror while he does it.
Ruby is fine hanging out in this corner so she can get at the toothpaste easier.
Here is my new blue pitcher. I found it at the dig on of those rare finds that makes you quickly look around and bury it in your cart before someone sees what you have. (like they'd take it away?? a good find makes me a little paranoid, I guess) It is marked on the bottom with a "547" and has one small chip around the rim, other than that it's perfect and I'd say it's perfect anyways. I can't wait to put flowers in it!
Here is my new cheap ass phone. I'm switching from the blood suckers at US Cellular (I don't use my phone that much and my plan is SIXTY dollars a month) to pay as you go Virgin Mobile. That's my new number, please no pranks. (I'll email it out to everyone, don't worry.) ;)
My dad sent me a video of this years' auction which I will show off later. xoxo
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  1. I love the shower curtain--very cute. Did you make it? I also like your coffee filter holder. I have all sorts of great vintage kitchen items from my parents--but the kitchen in the new house is woefully tights--so no room to really display any of it. BOO HOO! Hey, I am starting a new blog--come and visit. I am going to be highlighting little things that make me happy!

  2. thanks, allison, but no...did not make it. target clearance special last year. I think it's time for this year is up. :)


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