ruby's tuesday

our special bug:
after she moved scurried upstairs, truck still in mouth:
in her lair:
accepting some attention:
has had enough:
the torment continues as nobody likes a mean bug in their house:
even such a cute one:

Ruby put on this ladybug costume last Friday for the first time. She immediately fell into character which for her meant no talking (quite nice), shifty eyes, and lots of darting about into little nooks and crannies. The costume is a little small so it appeared as though she had no neck, making her appearance even more bugish. James and I had a lot of fun following her around and poking at her with sticks. (haha, kidding about the sticks)


It's lovely out today...headed up towards 58, last I heard. It's only a one day mini break but we are going to enjoy every minute of it. xoxo


  1. Ok tell the truth we all know you did poke her with sticks;) Just kidding.


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