I finally blew the dust off of my sewing machine and got to work. I've had a little pile of misc. projects cut out for ages and started putting some of them together yesterday. First are the two swaddled baby dolls. I stitched their faces a while ago but just sewed them into their swaddling. I can't seem to get them straight! I think I need to sew in the plain face first and then embroider the features next time. I love the little sad baby but wonder if anyone would want that one?! Here, honey, here's a crying baby...happy birthday! I don't think so.
This is the rest of the loot so far. The hot pads are just like the ones I made for myself and I will probably try to hawk them on etsy. The cookies are for a friend and the crayon holders are just because. I cut 8 of those suckers out before the Craftacular and never finished them. I might put a couple of those on etsy, too, and the rest will be gifts.
It was fun to be making these cookies again. They look so tasty!

I have to go downstairs because I have 2 little robots doing robot art and they really need some supervision. You should see my kitchen table...what a mess! Their stuff & my's frightening. but good. :)

Happy Friday to you!! xoxox

*taking care of business, not teecob.


  1. Good Job!! It all looks great! I should get my machine going again.... Tons of dust on it;)

  2. Yay!! Adorable~~~ Love them!

  3. I like the sad baby! (And I also love your blog header!)

  4. Thank you Lori! and Allison. :) Allison, I need your address. :)

  5. Everything looks wonderful!!! the babies are adorable!!!! Even the sad face one!! Once again...creative genius!!! You never stop amazing me with your talents!!!


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