welcome to another day of no preschool!

Here are a few pictures from some painting the little darlings did the other day. The first priority was completing some canvases for their auntie. Ruby knocked hers out in record time while James very very carefully painted the whole front red and the whole back pink.

Ruby really likes to get up close and personal with her paint. I think the end results are worth all the mess:

Ruby did the rainbow. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. kidding.


Okay, enough about them.

(But then I think, what else do I have to talk about this morning?)

Okay, more about them.

J: Let's have a family hug.
R: I hope family hugs DIE!

R: I wanna yogurt! I wanna yogurt!
S: We don't have any more yogurt, Ruby.
R: I WANNA YOGURT! squee! grroaowoernl! eekeekjrlkwjeoifjldkf!!!! YOGURT!!!!!!!!!!
J: (quietly) Why don't you just go get one out of your truck, Ruby?
R: (averts eyes, walks away)

R: Let's play baby & daddy, James
J: I'm not playing with you. (he's learned he has some power here)
R: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, James?!?! Let's play king and queen!
J: nope.
R: (writhing on floor, pulling hair, hollering) Robot? Baby? King? Camping?
J: (sighing) Okay, I'll play with you. But only for 10 minutes.
S: (mentally kicks self for being poor, neglectful parent)


  1. Oh My Gosh, they are HILARIOUS!!!!!! Seriously, you have some extremely cute and funny children!!! I LOVE James' comment to Ruby about her truck!!


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