yay, it's february!

I had the best dreams last night...so much fun...and during my dreams I kept thinking, "I'll have to remember to blog about this." I did silly things like locking myself out of my car when it was running and in Drive. I woke up mildly disappointed that it wasn't all real.

We had a nice weekend that ended with some delicious sangria at Kate's Superbowl party last night. (and lots of food. ugh.) We went sledding, I had some time alone, worked out, we went to the party...a good weekend.

I had plans for a gigantic post but I've spent most of my time reading my archives from last Feb/March and now my mojo is *poof* gone. (I do love reading my old posts...makes me want to keep doing this just as I am...random, messy and mine.)


more pics on flickr.

(this weekend)
S: ...and thank you Lord for Ruby.
R: I'm not food, mom!


  1. I know exactly what you mean by getting caught up looking at/reading things for the past. I get into the photo files to find one photo and spend an hour looking at them all. It's nice, isn't it? :)
    Your blog is perfect, don't change a thing!
    Ruby may not be food but she is a cutie pie!!! get it? tee hee hee :)

  2. thanks, susan, you are sweet. when are you going to get a blog??? try it, you'll like it! :)


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