10 things that make me sick

1. the word "toothsome"
2. overcooking meat when I really am trying not to
3. getting ready for bed (flossing, washing face, etc)
4. when my blankets or pillows (off of my bed) are dragged around for playtime
5. toys in my room
6. having to wash my hands so many times when prepping & cooking meat
7. checking the air in my tires
8. checking my phone messages
9. my children before they've eaten their breakfasts
10. when nobody eats what I made for dinner

There! That was refreshing! I try to focus on the good things normally but you know what? There's a lot of little things that bug me and I thought they deserved a moment to shine. (or dim...I bet these things would dim rather than shine, actually.) Please feel free to share what makes YOU sick either in the comments or on your blog.

On that happy note, I am going to bed. xoxo


  1. #4,5 & 10 are high on my list as well. I also don't like filling my gas tank. My dad always did if for my mom and I think my hubby should do it for me. I have many more but I probably shouldn't leave a comment that is longer than your actual post. hahaha ;)

  2. I am with Susan on the gas tank thing. I am think you should put # 8 higher on the list. Ada is helping so I will end there.


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