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for bizarre. James' right leg started aching late yesterday afternoon but he was still using it just fine. He woke up in the middle of the night crying for Patrick to carry him to the bathroom. He isn't walking on it at all today. I gave him some tylenol, bananas, oj & water and he seems to feel a little better but is still not wanting to put any weight on it. The doctor's office said we should bring him in if it's still hurting tomorrow. How odd. We were at the mall yesterday and he played fine...I wonder if he strained it somehow? He has no swelling or redness so I don't think it's a blood clot or anything. (thanks for putting that scenario in my head, kate!) :)

It's going to be a nice day (55) and here we are stuck at home again! Not really, I've already told him I might have to stick him in the cart for a trip to Target or in the stroller for a walk. We'll probably just hang out in the yard with our new rain barrels, though. Above are some pictures from yesterday. The first one is Ruby, you might recognize her from previous posts. The next one is a chain of children at the little buddy was not in the frame. And the last one is Ruby and her pal, A. They are so cute together, especially when they talk to each other. :)


  1. Oh Stephanie that is a bummer! I was wondering why James wasn't in school. I hope his leg feels better soon!! I love the pics too!!! :)

  2. That is strange. Could it be charlie horse? Sometimes that can have lingering pain afterwards, I remember clearly from gymnastics. Hope he sleeps it off tonight. Oh, and we are the proud new owners of a swingset. :)


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