glittery mess

I was walking down my stairs this morning and spotted The Label Made Me Buy It, a fun book full of vintage labels that I've had for years, on my shelf, just sitting there. I checked on Amazon to make sure it wasn't worth a mint and then started cutting it up. After a moment of thought I decided to make color copies of the labels, so I could make more down the road if I wanted, and glitterize the copies.

If you know my Dad, you'll know why this one jumped (haha) out at me. I wish I had black glitter but the silver looks pretty cool. (I will now be paying special attention to that gorgeous sandy Martha Stewart glitter in every color.) My plan is to adhere this to some card stock for his Father's Day card. (sorry, dad, must sacrifice surprise in the name of blog content sometimes.)

The next one I chose was Meteor Lemons. Again, wish I had yellow but red worked out alright. James went with blue and green.

There is something so appealing about it.

(Until after you're done and you realize that it is everywhere.)


  1. Love the labels!!!! I'm glad you put them on here!!! They turned out great!!!

    It was soooo good to talk with you this am!!! I am glad you are starting to feel better! I hope you are completely better soon!!!

  2. I forget how awesome glitter is. You may have inspired a weekend art project here!


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