good afternoon, peeps

Oh man. I'm pooped. I was up until midnight last night and have felt sleepy all day. Here are a few random shots from our day yesterday. Up there is James buckling his baby into her car seat. I think they were on the way to Africa even though Ruby had requested McDonalds. Below is what I accomplished yesterday. Lots of cooking! And tons of dishes. ugh. I am trying to make a little stash for Patrick as I'll be gone most of next week. (I used the mac & cheese recipe from this month's Everyday Foods and it is GOOD.)

Now here are James & Ruby while I cooked. Ruby happily peeled crayons for the better part of an hour while James cut out "cookies."

To offset all the cooking talk: I have added 30 minutes of cardio 3x a week (um, starting this week) and used a Leslie Sansone DVD for today. I got the fast 3 mile one from the library (here on Amazon) and it was a really good workout. I will admit that I quit at 34 minutes, not quite making it to the 3 mile mark. I was using my 5lb weights for the second half and it wore me out. I think on Friday I'll use my 2lb-ers for this workout. It's nice because it's so easy to follow along, low impact, but still really gets your heart rate up. I could do without all the friendly banter but chubbies can't be choosers. HAHAHAHAHHA. xoxo

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  1. What is the fascination with peeling crayons? James is the same way! Boy, I was doing so well working out--I have to get back on the wagon. It has been too easy having pajama days!

  2. You are hilarious...I love you!
    Were you planning to go to Duluth?
    I pray you feel better my dear cousin.


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