handmade nation film meet up?

I really wanted to go see Handmade Nation when it was in Milwaukee but never got my act together to do so. Happily, I saw that it's going to be here in Madison at the WI Film Festival next month. yay! Does anyone local want to meet up with me and go see it? I am extending this invitation to anyone who reads this blog and wants to see the movie...friends, fellow bloggers...whoever. :) Come on, it'll be fun! I'm thinking of the 8:45pm showing on April 4th. (more information here, first "H" film) Tickets are $7.00 each and drop to $6.00 if we purchase 6 or more together. Email me if you're interested...I am planning on going for sure and would be happy to order tickets for the group if there is one so we could save that dollar. (stephaniekg AT yahoo DOT com)


  1. I wish I lived there!! I would go with you! Derek's film didn't get into MMadison's Film Fest, but they are trying some others

  2. me too, jules! that is so cool that derek made a film. is it on youtube or anything?

  3. I am into it! Talk to me again when it is time to get tickets.


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