the house that james built, fleeing in desperation, and a dress

There are lots of porches on his house. A man after my own heart. Can you see him laying on his bed upstairs? I love, love, love when he draws pictures like this and then explains them to me. (Not that I don't love all the rainbows & triangles, of course.)

I feel lousy today and tomorrow is when we are supposed to leave for a week (?) up North visiting friends and family. ugh. I think I'll be fine, though. (hope, pray)

I stormed out of the house last night (James was being horrible again, Patrick made a disgusted noise about mushrooms in dinner, Stephanie was OUT OF THERE) and went to try on dresses for my sister's wedding. I'm the maid of honor, you know, and am totally honored. She wants us to wear all the same dress now (had been thinking different ones for each of us earlier) and our local David's Bridal had them all in stock so I got to try them on. I loved one of them (her first pick) so I think it's a GO. The flipping bra they had me try it on with costs nearly as much as the dress so hopefully I'll be able to find one a little bit cheaper somewhere. (Then I'll have enough for some spanx. ;) ) Here it is. I think it says a lot that I liked this dress at 8pm on a Thursday night with no make up on, no tan, no spanx, and slightly elevated blood pressure. But, OH, the cleavage. We'll worry about that later. (I am not accustomed to showing so much of my rack.)

This just in:

R: (crying) James hit me between my belly!
S: James, did you hit your sister?
J: No! I punched her.

Good morning, motherhood! xoxox
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  1. That dress is super cute!!! :)

    And I like the picture James drew too - so creative! I hope you feel better before you leave tomorrow. Have a safe trip!

  2. The dress is beautiful! What color? Black? I think it will look great - I was going to comment about the cleave, but couldn't figure out how to connect it to your favorite sweatshirt. :)

  3. This is a great post - I laughed the whole way through it! The storming out (with ya there!) the too much cleavage (hello! This is everything I wear - where did these things COME FROM???) and the punch! Ha! You're great! Home to paint my kitchen! FB me if you have a quick evening hour for coffee while in DTown.

  4. That's not a bad dress at all! Gosh - I've never been lucky enough to have a nice bridesmaid/moh dress. Can't you just see me in bright blue? Kelly green?

  5. Love the dress!!!
    I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Your sister must love you an awful lot to have picked out such a great dress!


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