I should be feeding them dinner

I really like this 15 minute series. The bottom book, total body workout, is mine and the other two I have from the library. The dance one hasn't been tried but I am going to do the ballet portion tonight and the abs one is good stuff. I like them because you can get a decent workout in in 15 minutes and then switch to something else for another 15. Change is good sometimes, you know? (these books all come with a DVD that you work out with)
My favorite workout in total body is the beach ball workout. You go through doing different exercises just holding onto a ball and I was amazed at how this worked my arms in the beginning. As I've been getting a little stronger, this has started feeling less effective. I wanted a medicine ball but didn't want to spend $20. We thought about filling a kids ball up with sand but that would actually be heavier than I could use. I tried putting my 3 lb weight in this container but didn't like how it knocked back and forth every time I raised it up. A few kitchen towels later and I have a really nice, slightly weighted, "ball." I originally tried 6lbs but that was too hard still. (I know 3lbs doesn't sound like much but when you are rapidly lifting it up over your head it starts to feel heavy.) (if this is not true for you please keep it to yourself.) ;)
I also moved up to 5lb weights for my arm exercises and these two seemingly small changes have really made that favorite beach ball workout and the Jackie Warner one I do super challenging again. It's fun to see a little progress. (too bad I keep baking so many good things or I might see more. wait until I show you all we made today...yummy!)

Anyways, this worked well and was about as cheap as you can get so I thought I'd share it with you. Hope someone can use it.
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  1. I really admire your tenacity and motivation.

  2. Thanks for motivating me Stephanie! I might need to duct tape Willah to a wall in order to work out around her safetly, but it's got to happen somehow!!

  3. anytime, heidi.

    want a donut? how's that for inspiring? ;)


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