is it sickening in here or is it just me?

I think it's just me. The kids seem fine aside from the punching and snarling.

2 days in the house, straight, with 2 sick (ening) (ha!) kids is LONG.

James had a fever again last night so he couldn't go to preschool. It's raining so we can't go outside.

My sewing machine has been acting odd for months and I finally took it apart today. Really apart. It's pretty cool in there. I think the problem is the upper tension and I (obviously) can't tell what it needs just by looking at it. It appears to be tightening...just not enough. Needs some adjustment, probably. If the repair is costly (above $50) then I will most likely look into buying a new machine because mine probably isn't worth that much. Actually, this month's Consumer Reports rated the current version of my Kenmore model as a Best Buy. And it's only $120.00 new, at Sears. But I'd rather keep the one I've got so here's hoping for an inexpensive fix. But bringing it in will mean at least 2 weeks of no machine. boo hoo.

I could go on whining or I could go exercise. I'm going for the exercise...I really missed it last week. Man, that strep throat was a killer for me. It drained my energy for over a week. creepy.

Okay, I'm done. xoxo

p.s. the picture was taken a while ago on one of our lovely days.
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