it's the nutmeg!

We did a just a wee bit of baking yesterday. There were blueberry muffins, granola bars & mini donuts. The mini donuts were James & Ruby's favorite and I really think they come quite close to capturing that yummy carnival mini donut flavor. It's the nutmeg! I never knew that. I used this recipe, substituting 1T of soy milk powder + 1T of cornstarch + 2T of warm water for the egg, piped them into my mini donut pans, and they came out sooooo good. Mine did not brown on the top (at all) so I overcooked them a little. They still tasted fabulous but were a little firm...something to watch for if you make them. I love my (thrifted) mini donut pans but these would work just as well as mini muffins.

James took care of the dunking (in melted earth balance margarine) and sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar.
Ruby took care of the tasting.
I took care of the photography.

And, just for fun, here is the kitchen after all that baking & lunch prep.

(I took care of this, too. Thank God for the dishwasher.)
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  1. yum!!!
    I will have to try the egg substitute. i haven't see that one before!

  2. I'm making donuts this week. you inspire.

  3. I like it, jules, works well.


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