just one little lamp

can make a room feel so cozy.

We're not painting that shelf, after all. Patrick likes it like this and since he RARELY has an opinion on house stuff I tend to honor his wishes when he does. (as long as I don't disagree too much...heehehehhehe)


I was super crabby this morning but seem to be fine now. Ruby! Such a screamer!! And I didn't have all the ingredients for my crock pot soup so that ticked me off. (who is ever out of celery?!) But I did a little deep breathing (not really) and drank some coffee (really) and feel better. Oh yeah, there were some prayers in there for help with my poor attitude, too. Perhaps I should give credit where credit is due. ;) Thank you, Lord.

I have to go finish my grocery list as I am going to go tonight. ALONE. excellent.

For anyone who reads these posts on Facebook, I'm going to be stopping the feed after this post for a bit. I still invite you to come directly to the blog if you're interested. (www.wewerebuilttolast.blogspot.com) I love visitors but just want to limit what goes on fb for a while.



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