mini vacation

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James had a slight fever on Saturday morning but we asked him if he wanted to have a fever at home or at the water park. Hmmmm. Which one do you think he chose?

We had had the reservation at the Kalahari with Kate & Oliver for over a month but hadn't told the kids in case of sudden sickness (which we decided to ignore in this case...puking would have been different) so they were pretty surprised.

It was really fun! None of our family had been there to play before and we loved it. James felt pretty fine the whole time and only needed a little Tylenol last night at bedtime.

I have a few pictures but they are still in the camera and I'm not sure where that is right now. This one of Ruby is from last Friday morning.

That's it for now. Time to make dinner and drink some of that coffee we just made...freezing rain & snow here today. xoxo


  1. Kalahari is where Andrea and Ronan played in Jan '08 when we were all there for Xmas. It was a great place, I wish I would have been prepared for that.
    Ruby looks like she's thinking about visiting Gramps and going down the flying saucer slide.

  2. Ruby looks kind of grown up in that photo - good for you for having fun.

  3. um, dad? That was TIM not Ronan. hahahhahahhahahahhaaa!

    bb - I think she looks like a member of Guns n Roses here. ;)


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