a new day

To fulfill the child quota, here is James from this morning. That boy is drawing all the time lately. All the time! I love it...it's so fun to see what he comes up with and it gives me a strange thrill to find him hunched in a corner with a notebook and a bunch of colored pencils.

And here, after nearly a year in the garage, are our rain barrels! We needed longer tubing than what they came with so they were finally ready to go last night. And they filled up! It wasn't even raining that hard but they both filled up. Crazy. We want to line our house with them. :) kidding. Patrick put off putting these out because he didn't like the way they would look. He wanted to bury them, get a pump...all this crazy stuff. I sweetly told him last week that I was going to pay to have someone else install them and, lo and behold, here they are. And he loves them. He wanted me to go outside last night, in the dark, in the rain, to see if they were filling up. I did and they were and then we made sweet rain barrel love right on top of them. (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I am kidding, I hope you know. It was raining!!)
Here is the apparatus. Now that both barrels are full it will route the water down the drain pipe as usual. The website is www.rainreserve.com if you're interested.
Now we are ready to water stuff! Bring it on, spring! Note: These pictures are not black and white. Our house is grey and it is grey outside today.

I realized last night, after stewing in my bedroom with a pile of oatmeal cookies and a scowl, that I have PMS. Oh, glory be! A reason! A reason for the gloom and doom besides the struggle of parenting 2 creepy children! And with just that simple realization, I was freed. Freed to scowl and grimace and grouch! Freed to eat oatmeal cookies and be sullen! At least for the rest of the evening. I am feeling better today, thank God.



  1. 'sweet rain barrel love right on top of them'

    You are too funny! I laughed out loud SUPER loud at work then had to read it out loud so everyone could enjoy... Thanks!

  2. We painted our rain barrels and they look really nice ( if that's possible ) - plus I planted a bunch of bulbs around them and hopefully they will be somewhat hidden by beautiful flowers this summer. Our barrels are overflowing after the last few days!

  3. heehee, kathy. :)

    good idea planting flowers around them, susan! might have to do that...

  4. the people across the street also painted theirs so that it matched the house (more work then I was intrested in;).

    I love that the only reason you did not make sweet rain barrel love was that it was raining......


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