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Okay, here is some catching up business. My latest idea is to take these totes that always are at the thrift store (like ones from conferences and stuff) and make them cute. They sell them super cheap at the dig sometimes and last time they were on sale I scooped some up. Here was one of my first attempts. Ruby likes it. I used it for our lunch today and it now has grape juice on the cost a dime!
Here are some Hollyhocks coming up!!!
Here is our gopher (?) hole. I marked it so Ruby would quit asking me where it was. She asked me if we could bring him inside this morning. um. no.

Here's another one of those totes that I sewed a pocket on to.

And then I got this book from the library...
And stenciled this girl on to it. Would have been cuter if I wouldn't have messed up her neck. (click to see bigger...she has no neck)Oh yeah, and here's one more. This is sadly not a pocket. Not sure what I was thinking but I love this shape of the bag and this is some of my very favorite fabric. Will still use.
Here is Ruby showing off her jungle picture.
And here is something else I some letter stamps and fabric paint. (I think I feel a new addiction coming on)

The kids, hard at work.
James. My little rambo. "You mess with the bull, you get the horns," he told me.

Look...he can tear a piece of Steam-a-Seam with his bare hands!!! (but I told him not to or he'd get my horns. that stuff is like gold when I am in a phase like this.)And here we have James fighting the bad girl, Ruby. This is totally an action shot and they are both wearing one half of his pajamas.
We had a really nice afternoon at the playground but now I am wiped out. I'll share some pictures tomorrow. Must rest so I continue to heal. xoxo (it's 69 degrees outside right now!!)

p.s. I've been doing some of this stuff for a while and just now got around to posting it. Have not done all of it while sick. (just some of it.) ;)


  1. Love the bags!!! and of course your children!!!!

    We missed you today!!!

  2. What a great idea with the bags! I know I have tons of these... Grace always has to have a bag with 'super important stuff' in it and some are just random bags... will def. do this and let her pick out whatev material so she likes them...

    And I need to know how you personalized your blogspot it's not just a long skinny template...

  3. Thanks, Jules & Kathy.

    Kathy...I think I am using the Minima template under the blogger templates. Let me know if that isn't it. :)

  4. You've been busy. I'm a bit jealous...


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