Since we last spoke

a lot has happened.
  • I locked my keys in the van, with it running, in our garage
  • Ruby dumped LOTS of superfine embossing glitter all over my kitchen
  • Ruby told me she was tired at the dig and then laid down and slept in the cart for 2 hours
  • James came down with high fever
  • Patrick installed our tandem rain barrel system
  • I fainted in disbelief (ha!)
  • Ruby came down with high fever
  • Longest night ever
  • 2 kids diagnosed with strep throat
  • nice morning downtown (a whole lot nicer if Marigold wasn't closed on Sundays...but I do love the Starbucks oatmeal)
  • got to go to small flea market, thrift store, book store & grocery store by myself
  • my sister finished Doula school. She is now a Doula. How coola is that?! Yay Seester!!
  • home today with 2 cranky kids in 1 messy house
  • Ruby discovers jewelry (found baggie of it at the dig)
  • Ruby got at couch with a pen
  • Ruby spent quality time in her bedroom
  • googled how to get pen off of microfiber
  • planned trip to store to get rubbing alcohol


  1. Oh my gosh, that is A LOT in a little weekend! I am sure you weren't laughing about the glitter or the pen/couch episodes at the time, but the way your wrote about them made me laugh! Congrats to your sistah!

  2. Our lives are soooo much alike! At least you didn't lock your children in the car?? I got you a little something at the Dig, we need to get together so I can give it to you before my house eats it up. Hope the kids are on the mend!

  3. That was a lot!!! How are you holding up? The pen and glitter almost made me cry!
    Ruby looks adorable with her jewlery!! And a big congratulations to your sister!!! That is incredible!!If I ever have another one (hahahahahaha), I'll give her a call!!

  4. Girlfriend is trouble. I see a lot of Rosy in Ruby. And it makes me a bit worried. I've been reading- I don't comment always b/c I read in Bloglines, but we're keeping up!
    Congrats to your sister-

  5. Thanks everyone. :) You guys are awesome. I am so proud of Andrea...she is so excited about being a Doula, now she wants to be a certified midwife!


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