sorry mom, but this blog is not about meeting your needs

I honestly don't have anything to say about my kids today. Or yesterday, really. Yesterday morning I was crabby with Patrick before he left for work, which I usually feel bad about later. I did and he forgave me but I still felt kind of blah all day. Even though I got to go hang with my friends that I hadn't seen in weeks! Sorry, friends. It was me, not you. ;)

Last night I went to get my hair cut and that was fun. It's nothing major, just a wee trim & shaping but it feels good. I'm going to color it again tomorrow night. (p.s. that means I won't be washing it tomorrow morning. just a (dirty) heads up.) I also went to Whole Foods and got some "healthy" treats for the kids' Easter baskets. Whole Foods is like Target to me...I can't leave without spending at least $50. I got them a few different things (besides the yummy bunnies I ordered them and will blog about soon) so I could leave the Twizzlers, Peeps & Skittles for my parents. Okay, I'm lying. I did get them 1 skittle egg each at Target today. Yes, I went to Target today, too. I could have taken an adorable picture of Rubes with her tiny vanilla scone & coffee but didn't have my camera. SHE WAS SO GOOD. We stayed at Target, browsing, for 1.5 hours. It was a nice little outing.

I just finished walking with Leslie again. I got a new DVD from the library and was able to complete 3 miles with her in 37 minutes. She doesn't bring in the weights until Mile 4 on this tape so that's when I quit. That is a good work out. Let no one scoff at Leslie in my presence from this day forward. (not that anyone ever has. just sayin'.)

Okay, I guess I do have a lot of little stuff to say but it's all about ME. Yesterday was a fun mail day. I don't get fun mail very often so it was EXTRA fun. My dear cousin Sarah sent me a note and a little 3 pack of moleskine-like notebooks that I adore. And then Sheree, who runs the Food Allergy group here in Madison and blogs here, sent me some free samples of a new safe gummy candy. Nice. I am cheap so I'm saving them for the Easter baskets. Or should I say cheep? ba dum bum.

This weekend was fairly good. I was in an unhappy pms-y state about some unfinished things around the house on Saturday but (quite healthily, I might add) channeled that aggression into things I could do. Can't paint the kitchen today but I can clean the oven! Can't fix this faucet but I can wash this dusty shelf! Can't fix that shelf that just broke while I was washing it (not. kidding.) but I can have a brownie! Oh wait, I'm on Weight Watchers now so I could only have half a brownie. It was enough. I also got our bills paid and made some cupcakes so I felt pretty good by the time the day ended and Patrick returned with James. (but then felt bad again because he had spent over $70 on things like Air Hogs and encyclopedias but then got over it because I had just spent $60 on Weight Watchers online sign up and so what if we couldn't pay our water bill until Wednesday?)

On Sunday I frosted said cupcakes (powdered sugar frosting is only one point!) (and yes, I am going to drive you nuts with the WW references until the (only one point) novelty wears off), brought James to a birthday party where I had to get in the pool with him (talk about fun, people!), got groceries, met Patrick & Ruby at church and stayed awake for the whole sermon. uff da. Makes me tired just thinking about it all.

So, because I have no other pictures, up above is how I track my points online. I've been kind of snacky today, don't you think? Well, duh. It's raining. I just took 2 chickens out of the oven and they look& taste SO GOOD. I used this recipe, omitting the 4-6 hours in the fridge before baking because I forgot. xoxo

p.s. the title refers to the snarky little comments my mom has been leaving on my last 2 blog posts. She is funny, that one. xoxo, ma.


  1. Yeah, she's funny all right,
    Kinda like a broken arm.

  2. I almost just spit my coffee out because the above comment is hilarious. Your brother? ;)
    Seriously, you should write that book that your friend commented about in your last post. Or do a reality t.v. show - your family is so funny!! I'd love to be a fly on the wall during a holiday gathering. hehehe

  3. uh, no, not her brother....her father, which would make him my former husband.....why he insists on pretending that the years we were married weren't the happiest of his life, I just don't understand.
    Maybe he's just exhibiting his charming sense of humor.

    See you at Easter Tom! We can catch up then, ok?
    xoxo, mama

  4. Yeah, Susan, that was my dear old Dad. I'm sure he was just April foolin' us, though. :)

  5. Geeze, if I woulda remembered it was April Fools I would have come up with something much better...
    Just kidding Sue.
    See you at Jr's.


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