spring fever

I've got it.

Holy cats. Yesterday I was so sick of it all I didn't even want to leave the house. Thankfully we have been having good days at home or I'm not sure what I'd do. But today, today is SO NICE.

Okay, not that nice. It's windy and only about 42 degrees but that is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and the sun is shining. I've had our windows cracked all day! We went for a walk! I was inspired to move stuff around!

The kids have been doing lots of coloring, painting and gluing lately which makes me happy. The small cabinet we had in the corner for their art supplies (it was under the wall clock) wasn't cutting it, though. They couldn't get at everything and it was hard for them to put it away so it would usually end up being stacked haphazardly on the top. (and falling onto the floor)

I brought this shelf in from the garage today to see how it would work instead. We went and got a quart of paint and James & I are going to paint it on Friday. (when it'll be FIFTY degrees) I think I like it. The oil pastels and permanent markers have been removed and the basket of paints and container of washable markers can be moved up to the top of the fridge when Ruby will be downstairs alone for longer than 30 seconds.

I would really like big fat long shelves on that wall but we don't have those lying around anywhere. For now, this is a good little change. Sometimes that's all it takes.
That and a little sunshine.

p.s. you can click on the picture if you want to see it really BIG

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