there's a party in my tummy

Okay, laugh if you must, but we love us some joes that are sloppy. I first tried this recipe because the creator is from Sun Prairie and I always trust a WI girl when it comes to good food. I kept making it because it is so darn good.

I omit the onions and italian seasoning and usually halve this, using 20oz of ground turkey. They are SO GOOD.

Or maybe it's because I started Weight Watchers and I knew I could only have one (generous) joe if I still wanted that ice cream bar later. Naw...they've always been that good. Try it, you might like it!


  1. Mmmmmm sloppy joes!!! I'm going to give that recipe a try.

  2. uh, hello.........glad to know you've found sloppy joe happiness but a little update on the kiddies, please. We are in the middle of a huge snowstorm here and a little positive distraction (ie photos) would be nice. With love, your mother.

  3. oh, balls, mother. the kids are FINE.

    I will be back later with some pictures, okay?!?

    ;) xoxo

    p.s. it's good, susan!

  4. "oh, balls, mother." This is crazy funny. If only Jerry Seinfeld had the balls to say stuff like this...yeah, he'd be even richer ;-)

    Stephanie, "oh, balls, mother, the kids are FINE" is a friggin perfect title for a collection of your hilarious short stories about parenthood. Start writing lady. I'll be your editor. You'll be the lady version of David Sedaris.

  5. nice........just wait until Ruby says "oh, balls,mother" to you........

    and, I know THEY are fine, it's me who isn't so fine...all old and lonely.....sniff,sniff..... and missing everybody

    signed, poor sad old mama mowanza

  6. Ooo... sloppy joe love!

    Have you tried it with the Italian stuff and it doesn't work? Or is it a personal preference? Just curious. :)

  7. I love the banter between you and your mom!!

  8. "so yummy, so yummy" (how is it I am the first to respond to that?)

    "do carrots want to go to the party? the party in my tummy?"


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