this morning

So, it's ten after 9 and I haven't even been downstairs yet. How does this work? Well, James got up around 7 and went down by himself to watch TV. Ruby was in bed with us as she woke up with a tummy ache at about 2am and then proceeded to puke all over our bed about a half hour later. (again!) She is totally fine, just ate a bad hot dog or something last night. (love the no nitrate hot dogs but they turn faster than you might think) But anyways, she slept in, next to me, until Patrick's alarm woke her at 8. She heard the TV, crawled over me, and joined James downstairs. Patrick got up and was with them/fed them while he got ready. He left and I got up. The kids came up to crawl over me for a while and then went down to the lower level where they played for a long time. Now they're at the kitchen table doing art. (the markers are up high.) Pretty nice. Just overheard:

J: Don't do that Ruby.
R: Why?
J: You'll cut your lip off and then you'll die.
R: Don't worry, James. I'm NOT gonna do it.
J: Well, don't.

I think I better go down there now. xoxo


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