yesterday at the park

So practically all the kids in James' class met for a picnic after school yesterday. I was feeling tired but okay so I decided we would join them. I tried not to lick anyone or cough on any sandwiches and hope I did okay with that.

The kids had so much fun playing outside again. We stayed for about 3 hours...basically until the juice and cookies ran out. :) I was exhausted afterwards but felt really good. I think the fresh air and sunshine were good for me.

I am kind of tired again today but definitely feeling better. My sore throat is gone and the cold symptoms are diminishing. Patrick is going to see the Watchmen tonight after work so I am thinking ahead to dinner time...might be a trip to Noodles in our future.

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  1. It was a totally fun day and you did great not licking people. Is that something you do when not sick!?!? If so I might have to rethink this whole friend thing!! Hahaha!! Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Glad y'all took advantage of that gorgeous weather! Yeah, once the juice and cookies are gone, it's time to load up. :)

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. LOVE Noodles! Wish we had one closer!!! Did Patrick like Watchmen? I HATED! Pretty sure I also took a nap during... Glad you are feeling better...

  4. I think we all have the same virus.
    Wish we had a Noodles!

  5. Thanks for the well wishes, all.

    Kathy - Patrick liked the movie. I have no idea what it's even about so we didn't talk any more about it. I have napped through plenty of movies...what a waste of $, eh?

    BB & Kathy - We love us some Noodles. :)

    Wendy - I usually wait a little bit longer before licking but was still extra cautious. ;)

    Holly - Ain't that the truth! :)


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