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I was trying to get one of the van seats out Monday morning before we left and pulled a muscle in my lower back. It felt tender all day while driving but okay and then I hurt it worse carrying some stuff in when we got here Monday night. I went to the doc yesterday and got some muscle relaxant to take at night but I'm not sure if it helped. I am also sleeping in a double bed with James and Ruby...that might be part of it. It's really stiff again this morning but I think it will feel better once I get moving around as that seemed to help yesterday.

So, that's where I'm at. Trying not to be crabby (and doing pretty good, I think) and not to harm my children as they won't ever leave me alone. My Dad watched them yesterday while I went to the dr. and my mom watched them last night while I went out for a while and both of those breaks were much appreciated.

The doc I saw was Dr. Swank. Not kidding. He was young and kind of hot and asked if my anal tissues were swelling at all. (oh goodness, now people googling anal tissue are going to come sniffing around here. Sorry folks, no action here!) I told him thankfully no but he could check for himself if he liked. JUST KIDDING. I did not say that. But I kind of laughed to myself because he said anal tissue! hehe.

I just finished giving Ruby Harper a bath and now I'm going to take one. I got some of those sticky heat pads for on my back afterwards...I can't wait! We are going to fetch my father and then heading to the Duluth Aquarium. Looking forward to it. I am SO thankful that it is a relatively sunny & mild week here. I am definitely going down to the lake before we leave but probably not Park Point this trip, which makes me sad. I think I'm going to have a beer with Jason tonight and we are spending the day at Jolee's tomorrow. Fun stuff...can't wait!

I hope you are having a good week! xoxo


  1. OMG you crack me up with your anal tissues. That's a bummer about your back...I hope it's feeling better! Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)

  2. aww, hope your back gets better before you need to drive back. Those hot pad things rock! And mixing it up with some ice packs helps too. Have fun!

  3. You poor girl - bad backs are no fun at all. Take care of yourself!

  4. I *hope* your back is better now!


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