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Finally. Finally the children are asleep. I've been waiting for these quiet moments to myself nearly all day. They were kind of crazy at Uncle Thomas & Erin's today. Sometimes it's hard to be the only one with kids. My family was all as sweet as can be to them...even when they were annoying. I think the last week hit the 3 of us today...we are pooped. Even so tired, though, I extended our trip for one extra day to spend some more time with my beloved cousins & their kids tomorrow. I am so looking forward to just hanging out with Jess & Eryn while our children run around in a pack and act like wild animals. Ah, you can tell I am a mom when that sounds like a good day, right? I am a mom, though, and there is such comfort in being with other moms & kids...especially when they are your dear cousins that you've loved since they were born and who have produced mini cousins just as cute as they are. We will now be heading back Tuesday morning. (Missing that home something fierce. That's a good feeling, too. xoxo)

Even with the back problems and the car problems (ha! long story, that one!) and the crazy kid problems, we have all had SUCH a good time. I think if we weren't so tired I would try to stay in Mpls. a couple more days to see my girl friends who live here and then stop in Eau Claire on the way back to see another one. I used to always feel stressed about all the people I felt I *had* to see while we were home and since I've stopped doing that to myself I can now just feel so incredibly blessed that I even have so many people in my life that I feel that way about. Does that make any sense? I said I was tired. :)

This week I got to see my dear mother and father, my thoughtful brother & Erin, my sweetest aunties, my adorable cousin Rachel & uncle bill, Jolee & her darling boys, my tiny little gramma (sniff), my uncle frank, jess & eryn and their kids, jason & amy, the lake twice (up close), I got to hear my favorite sound of rocks plunking into the water, I got to feel my stiff morning back loosen up as the day got going and feel thankful that the exercises I do will help keep my back strong & healthy for the future (that and correct lifting techniques), I got to have beer with my friends and go to Kmart by myself, I ate a delicious lunch made by Jolee and got to hold my sleeping daughter in my arms while my son made new friends (at mcdonald's playplace...don't get too misty eyed. before we got there James said, "mom, I hope mcdonald's is really busy so I can make LOTS of new friends."). I finished another baby carrier for my cousin and got to see her sweet girl snug inside of it. I got to laugh about Leslie Sansone with Kristy and hear about a good Denise Austin workout from Rachel. (that I am so going to try to do now because then I will be cool like her!) (oh, okay, I won't be but I'm still going to try it.) ;) I got to tell Ruby the story of Easter and repeat it after she asked to hear the story about "the cave & the crying lady" again. I got to see James eat his first chocolate rabbit. (so worth the $9...that is some good chocolate! will link later) I watched my children nearly come to blows over the plastic eggs that Thomas hid all over the yard for them. I made lots of healthy eating choices and a few not so healthy (but so good!) ones. I missed exercising (aside from stretching, which I did a lot of) and my bedroom. I missed my husband and snuggling up to him at the end of the day. I got to watch my kids having fun with so many people that I have loved for so long already...that is the neatest feeling. I am thankful! I am sappy! I am tired! xxoxoxox goodnight.

p.s. If I shared a special moment with you last week that I forgot to mention please forgive me.



  1. Aaahhhh,, zzzz, it's a good tired after spending the holiday with family, isn't it?

  2. Sounds like you are having TONS of fun. Enjoy the extra day... but hurry up and get back here we miss you! :)

  3. Whatever! I totally pick up all my cool-ness from you and your awesome kidlets! What would I do without you guys?! Probably have no friends since I'm sure a lot of my friends here at school are only friends with me so they can hear all the stories I tell them about you guys... I owe you guys big time ;)

    Love you!! It was SO much fun to see you all!

    xoxo Cousin Rachel


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