We spent some time at a park outside of Como Zoo while I was in the cities. Ruby played for a long time with this little boy named Gage. They built a sandcastle and he helped her up some of the trickier ladders. They had fun together. After a while Gage had to go and they hugged eachother goodbye. About a half hour later we were leaving when I saw Gage running back towards the playground with his mom following behind. I waved to her and she flagged me to stop. Gage came running over to the van with a present for Ruby. He had gotten her one of those smooshed pennies with an imprint of Como Zoo on it, with his own money, his mom said.

I love this picture because Ruby looks so unsure of what the heck is going on and James is trying to be cool but is feeling slightly left out of all the excitement. After we said our final goodbye to Gage, Ruby and James were chattering about him in the back.

R: I want to have a play date with my friend Gage.
J: I wish he would have given me that penny.

Get used to it, buddy.
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