I'm going to start packing us up here any time but had to stop here for a minute first.

Yesterday was such a good day. I have stories for later about Ruby's first present from a boy and a very special meatball at Noodles. Very special.

We walked all over Como Zoo and then let them play at a playground in one of Como's surrounding picnic areas. I love playgrounds. All the kids running around thinking of new games on the spot, so happy to be trying new things after the long winter and to be seeing new faces. Just love them and am SO happy it's outside season again. (maybe for good this time?)

It's supposed to be nice in Madison for the rest of the week (67 on Friday!) so I am especially excited to be heading home. I'm trying to time it so we get home around the same time as Patrick so I can go right to bed. :) These long drives usually tire me out.

I hope you have a happy day today. xoxo


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