I am boring today. Why don't you try one of these?

This made me smile first thing this morning.

Mom, this is Dooce.

Oh my goodness, did this crack me up yesterday.

A current favorite...look forward to their posts everyday.

This might be us, tomorrow. (hope not!)

Just found this blog yesterday...think I'm going to enjoy it. (scroll down to see a self portrait she took in a shirt she made with the Mendocino fabric that I love...so cute!)

Adorable. So adorable.

I read The Daily Coyote this weekend. Here is the blog. (A good read.)

Here is another new-to-me blog that I've been enjoying. Lovely.


  1. I loved the Day Off post from Green Jello, too! What a fun idea!

  2. THANKS now I have more blogs to read... what I really need now is more time on the computer! ;)


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